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Conquistador Pest and Termite is a locally owned and operated pest control company. Conquistador offers a variety of services and packages to suit the needs of all of our customers.

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BEES: It is important for you to take every precaution when you see bees on your property. Arizona Africanized Bees are known to be very aggressive.

Honey Bees and Africanized Bees

BeesArizona has many types of common bee species which are responsible for pollinating vegetables, fruit, nuts, and even cotton plants. Bees provide us with wax and honey and are responsible for many of the wildflowers we enjoy in the spring.


However, bees and wasps are a serious threat and should not be taken lightly. It is important for you to take every precaution when you see BEES on your property. Africanized bees are in Arizona and are known to be very aggressive. All wild honey bees in Arizona are presumed to be Africanized.


Africanized bees—which are indistinguishable from European honey bees, the common variety seen in the U.S.—have colonized in mostly Sunbelt states since entering the U.S. about 20 years ago. They are descendants of highly aggressive Africanized bees that were accidentally turned loose in Brazil more than a half-century ago and began migrating north.


Africanized honey bees have gotten the name “killer” because they will viciously attack people or animals that unintentionally stray into their territory. The Africanized honey bee (“AHB”) colony does not have to be disturbed to provoke the bees; even simple noises or vibrations have been known to cause an attack.


Bee Swarms

A new honey bee colony is formed when the queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees, a process called swarming. A swarm may contain from 1,500 to 30,000 bees including, workers, drones, and a queen. Swarming is an instinctive part of the annual life cycle of a honey bee colony and is merely colonies that are in transition. It provides a mechanism for the colony to reproduce itself.


Encountering a bee swarm for the first time can be alarming. A honey bee swarm can consist of thousands of bees and be very intimidating when they arrive as well as when they leave as it all happens within minutes. A swarm of bees in flight or briefly at rest seldom bother people unless provoked, so it is important to keep a good distance from the swarm.


Honeybee swarms are completely different than established hives. If you have a swarm on a tree, bush or shrub around your house they are just resting up. If they are not endangering anyone, leave the bee swarm alone! Swarms, for the most part, are not aggressive when left alone and it is not always necessary to have them killed or even removed. Most swarms land in trees to rest during their migration and look like a giant ball which is quite often mistaken for a hive. Left alone for 24 to 72 hours, chances are they will go away on their own. Keep an eye on your property to make sure they don’t move in.


If you encounter a hive or swarm, assume they are Africanized honey bees and do the following:

  • Do NOT panic!
  • Do not make any rapid movements or any sound.
  • Do not spray anything in the air or at the swarm or hive, including water.
  • Do not throw rocks or any objects at the swarm or hive.
  • Refrain from swatting at bees buzzing around your body.

Bee Removal Tucson AZ

Do not try to remove a colony yourself! Call the experts. Removing bees can be difficult and dangerous, especially when dealing with hybrid or Africanized honey bees. Inexperienced or improper treatment can result in injuries to not only the person attempting to treat the bees but also to others in the surrounding area.


Conquistador Pest Control knows effective methods for bee control, how to get rid of bees, and preventing bees from building future nests in the same location. Contact Conquistador Pest to help you with wasps and other Tucson pest control services. We also provide termite control and weed control.

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