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Termites Are The New Cockroach!

Termites are the New Cockroach!

Newsweek – Mar 1, 2018

Termites are just cockroaches with a fancy social life. While there are many differences between a roach and a termite, taxonomically they are similar. As a result, termites are being reclassified as a roach.

“It’s official that termites no longer have their own order,” Entomologist Mike Merchant who serves on the organization’s naming committee told Science News. Every species of termite has been recategorized.

One difference between the two is termites are highly developed social insects and roaches prefer the pleasure of their own company. This means treatment methods used to treat infestations will vary.

Despite any differences these pests share, they do have one very strong commonality: No one wants to see either in their homes.

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