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Apartment Managers: Scorpions In The News

Apartment Managers: Scorpions in the News

IN THE NEWS… For Apartment Managers

Now that it’s starting to heat up again, exterminators are fighting one of Arizona’s most menacing pests. Scorpions are out and about all over the Valley keeping pest control companies busy.

A Phoenix tenant brought his concerns about scorpions to apartment management and there was immediate action.

“They came, they sprayed around, and nothing really changed after that. I kept seeing scorpions,” said tenant.

The tenant would like to break his lease, because there were too just too many scorpions to deal with. Lease experts say the tenant might have a legal leg to stand on to break his lease.

When scorpions become a problem, have Conquistador Pest and Termite professionally inspect the property, plus provide the services and recommendations that will address what is needed to minimize scorpion problems.

Get a permanent solution to scorpion with Conquistador
A quick spray around will not solve your tenant’s scorpion problem. Scorpions can be difficult to keep out. The answer to a scorpion problem isn’t just killing off individual scorpions, but in learning to control the neighborhood population. This requires using a systematic and methodical approach to eliminate scorpions that are in your tenant’s apartment as well as discouraging new scorpions from entering.

  • Fast response to pest problems
  • Inspection and treatment
  • Follow up treatments

Contact us for help in eradicating the scorpion presence within your apartment units.

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