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Flying Ants

There’s no doubt that Tucson pests love the monsoons just as much as we do. One of these pests is the winged ants. Did you know that Arizona has more species of ants than any other state in the country? Ants strongly prefer warm temperatures, above 68 degrees F., and so it is no surprise […]

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The cockroach is considered to be one of the worst household pests. They are found virtually everywhere. They are unsightly, contaminate food with their excrement and secrete an unpleasant odor which can permeate the indoor environment. Pests though they may seem, like all creatures, cockroaches have an ecological purpose of consuming and reducing the volume

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Flies are common pests in the home and yard, but they do pose a health risk. A single house fly can carry over one million bacteria on its body. They can spread typhoid fever, malaria, yellow fever, sleeping sickness, and dysentery. Flies taste, smell, and feel with the hairs that cover their bodies. The hairs

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Kissing Bugs

Kissing Bugs

Triatomine Bugs, more commonly known as Kissing Bugs, are bloodsucking insects notorious for carrying Chagas disease. They live in the southern United States – including Arizona – as well as Mexico, Central America, and South America. While they typically live outdoors, they are attracted to lights, which draws them towards homes and buildings. Triatomine bugs

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Mosquito: The world’s deadliest animal isn’t a shark, hippo, or even one of us! Learn why mosquitoes are considered the world’s deadliest creature. What are Mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are very small, 6 legged insects, that have a long mouth called a proboscis used to puncture and suck the blood out of their host. Mosquitoes are hard

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Dealing with weeds in your yard can be time-consuming, back-breaking, and scorching hot! What if you can prevent the weeds all together? Weeds are seldom controlled with one or two applications of weed control product. Generally, it can take many months to many years to rid your lawn of weeds. Save time and effort –

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Arizona is home to a number of species of wasps that thrive in the hot desert climate. The paper wasp, also known as the umbrella wasp, is the wasp that we most commonly find around Tucson homes and swimming pools. There are three species of paper wasps that live in Arizona: the yellow paper wasp, Navajo paper

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Tarantula Hawk

The tarantula hawk is a common desert wasp of the Southwest, but can be found anywhere its prey, the tarantula, is found. It uses its venom to paralyze a tarantula and then lays its eggs on the spider. The larvae will then feed on the spider when they hatch. The tarantula hawk’s sting causes little

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Bees populate Tucson and the surrounding Arizona desert areas year-round, but it’s important to note that their peak time is spring and early summer. When we talk bees at Conquistador Pest and Termite, we are specifically talking about Africanized Honeybees. First, let’s cover a little about bees, their biology, and why you may need bee

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The scorpion is one of the most disliked pests in the Tucson desert. Nobody wants scorpions running around their house at night! Differences between a Bark Scorpion and a Rock Scoprion are their tail, claws and antenna! What is the Arizona Bark Scorpion? There are more than 35 different species of scorpion in Arizona. The most

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