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Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Some People More Than Others?

Why are Mosquitoes attracted to some people more than others?

Mosquitoes: The Laws of Attraction

Have you ever stood next to a friend or family member on a nice summer evening, start to feel itchy, and realize you have been bitten by a mosquito(es) several times! You than look to your friend or family member, in which they shrug their shoulders and state they have no bites. Well, you are not alone!

Scientists have found there are some factors that play a role to why some people are bitten more often that other. Some factors are blood type, amounts of carbon dioxide emitted from a persons breath, exercise, skin bacteria, pregnancy, clothing color, and unfortunately things you can not change, like genetics.


Blood Type

This should not come as too much of a shock, as well, female mosquitoes bite us for our blood, in order to produce their eggs. Our blood contains a protein that female mosquitoes use in order to lay their eggs. This is why some blood types are more appetizing than others. These blood connoisseur’s prefer Type O blood, determined in one study. Another study reflected that second choice is Type B blood. However, its not just lumped into blood types, it also depends on whether you are a secretor or a non-secretor. Approximately 85% of humans will secrete a chemical signal that indicates to the mosquito which blood type you have. This means that some people who have Type O (Mosquitoes favorite food) may not be harassed, due to the fact they are a non-secretor.


What does Carbon Dioxide, Exercise, Metabolism, and Pregnancy have to do with each other?

Ever wonder if you have bad breathe? Well, a mosquito may not be able to tell if you have bad breathe, however they can certainly tell how much Carbon Dioxide is emitted. And they LOVE it! Mosquitoes use an organ called a maxillary palp to detect the amount of  CO2 coming from your breath as far as 164 feet away!  In addition to carbon dioxide, mosquitoes also detect Lactic Acid, Uric Acid, Ammonia, AND any of the stenches emitted when one is sweating. Mosquitoes are also attracted to high body temperature, so when you factor in lactic acid AND higher heat levels from strenuous exercise. What about pregnancy? Well pregnant women emits 21% more CO2 AND is an average of 1.26 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than anybody else, making them a full on buffet more the mosquitoes!


Clothing Color

Mosquitoes are not blind! So if you wear colors such as black, dark blue, red, anything that makes you easier to find, they will come!


Last but NOT least Genetics

Unfortunately, it can also come down to something you have no control over….Genetics! Studies have shown that underlying genetics influences makes up 85% of the attraction of one person over another to a mosquito.


Moral of the story: If you are a Type O, exercising, pregnant woman wearing red! Stay inside!! Or contact a Conquistador Pest Control!



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