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Four Monsoon Pests That May Invade Your Home

Four Monsoon Pests That May Invade Your Home

Monsoon season affects the Tucson area and all its residents in different ways. Though monsoon storms can provide a welcome reprieve from the unrelenting Arizona heat, they also present other issues, particularly concerning pest control. Learn how monsoon pests surround your home and how you can address the problem.




Arizona is known throughout the United States for its dry and sometimes dangerous summer heat. Monsoon season brings added moisture to the area, which leads to higher humidity. This creates the recipe for dangerous storm conditions including heavy rain, dust storms, flash flooding, lightning, and subsequent wildfires. Monsoon season in Arizona typically runs from mid-June to the end of September.


Monsoon season poses several dangers: Flash floods can occur near washes, riverbeds and canyon areas. Lightning contributes to fires that can be difficult to control due to previously dry conditions. Dust storms require people to take immediate shelter.


Unfortunately, monsoon season affects all creatures, not just humans. The pests around you also seek cover from the pending storms – which means they might seek out your home for refuge.




Monsoon season brings a multitude of pest problems, including:

  • Ants. When the rain starts to fall, ants look for the nearest shelter to protect themselves from the moisture. Your home is, unfortunately, a perfect habitat: full of food to eat and dry wood for building a nest. Even the cleanest homes may notice an influx of ants during monsoon. Fire ants pose the biggest problems, as they’re common in Arizona. Carpenter ants can be especially problematic, because they burrow deep into your wood and weaken its structure.
  • Termites. You’ve likely heard stories about how these little bugs can create huge problems for homeowners. Though they’re always present in the state, monsoons tend to create swarming, which sends new colonies of termites into your home. If you notice any swarming termites around your property, contact a pest control company to take care of the problem before they can do serious damage.
  • Mosquitos. These creatures love moisture, and humidity can bring them out in droves. Though they might seem like just an annoyance, mosquitoes can carry diseases that could prove hazardous to your health. A professional can help you control mosquito swarms and protect your family from communicable disease.
  • Scorpions. Last, monsoon season can send scorpions into your home seeking refuge from the rain. As desert creatures, scorpions thrive in dry heat and will flee moisture. Your dry, climate-controlled home serves as a perfect hiding place from the pending storms.

Monsoon season can lead to a variety of complications around Arizona. Though people may be prepared for lightning or flooding, few people prepare themselves for the possibility of a monsoon pest infestation. If you notice any pests taking over your home this monsoon season, contact Conquistador Pest and Termite, Inc. for help: 520-624-5901. We identify the root of the problem and banish common monsoon pests from your home for good.

The state of Arizona offers more information about monsoon pests: https://ein.az.gov/monsoon-awareness.

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