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Bee Calls Are Increasing In Tucson

Bee calls are Increasing in Tucson

The first day of spring has just arrived and there is already a surge in killer bees activity in Tucson. It will get worse as temperatures heat up.

Conquistador advises anyone who finds a hive to call because most people don’t have experience with bees and they can quickly swarm and become dangerous. People and pets die every single year from bee attacks and that is why it is important to be aware of them.


Bee Alert!

    • Bees sting to defend their colony, so be on the look out for bee swarms and colonies.
    • Watch for bees coming in and out of exterior wall cracks or a hole in a water meter box.
    • Listen for the buzzing noise of an active bee colony.
    • Look for bees in holes in the ground, holes in trees or cacti, backyard clutter, and in sheds.


Bee Knowledgeable!

Bees are dangerous because they will sting in great numbers. Bees will chase you for up to a quarter mile. Africanized bees patrol a wide parameter and are very protective of their nests. If you are bumped by a few bees, that is your warning and it is time to run!

If you do get stung, try to using a credit card to swipe the stinger out of your skin then put a cold compress on it. If you start to swell or have trouble breathing in the first 20 minutes after getting stung, you want to call 911 immediately.


If you find yourself come across a bee nest, call 520-624-5901.


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