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How To Avoid Bed Bugs After The Trip

How to Avoid Bed Bugs After the trip

In recognition of Bed Bug Awareness Week, June 3-9, 2018, here is Conquistador Pest & Termites’ top bed bug prevention tips about how to avoid bed bugs after the trip you take this summer.

When you finally take a well-deserved vacation, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is bed bugs. But even the finest hotels can have them. Too many people come home not knowing that theses hitchhiking pests home.

  1. Unpack your luggage in the garage or your laundry room. Do not unpack your luggage on your bed or any other furniture.
  2. Put your clothing in the wash right away, then machine dry.
  3. Seal dry cleaning in a plastic bag that seals shut.
  4. Inspect your luggage with a flashlight. Be sure to check seams, folds and pockets for bugs.
  5. Place your empty luggage in a sealed plastic bag and store it away.
  6. If you believe you have brought bed bugs home with you, call Conquistador Pest & Termite to the rescue.
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  1. Thanks for the great tip to unpack your luggage in the garage of laundry room and not the bedroom; I’m assuming this is because it’s a less friendly environment for the pests, so hey are lest likely to breed. My friend an I are actually wanting to go on vacation, but we’ve been worried about picking up bed bugs. These tips will help us fight against the bed bugs. However, if we need professional help, which qualities should we look for in a pest control company?

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