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5 Tips To Keep Ants Out

5 Tips to Keep Ants Out

Warm weather changes can mean ant invasion and our phones have been ringing with ant complaints from our customers. Our unusually warm winter means more ants. Cold weather means less.

Ants are cold blooded and prefer warmth. The majority of ant invasions occur during winter rainstorms and summer droughts. When it’s hot and dry, ants invade our homes in search of water, food, and shade. When temperatures dip during the monsoon season, ants will also look to your home for warmth and shelter.

Here are 5 tips to keep ants out:

  1. Clean up regularly and wipe down the counters each night.
  2. Cover all of your food to prevent it from attracting ants into your house.
  3. Fix water leaks. Ants look for water wherever they can find it.
  4. Have Conquistador inspect for visible cracks or holes.
  5. Exterminate in the winter before a problem reaches infestation levels.
  6. Messy yards are good home for ants. Keep your weeds under control.



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