bed bugs in apartments

Bed Bugs in Apartments

Hitching a Ride

Bed bugs are notorious for being able to hitch a ride into a home through a variety of sources— clothing, cloth bags, even shoes could carry these pesky bugs in. Between work, school, events, and even travel, people can encounter a variety of crowds on a daily basis.

A Recipe for Disaster

Close distances and lots of people are the perfect recipe for the spread of bed bugs. Bed bugs love tight quarters and a large number of carriers — especially in a family home or in other buildings housing multiple people. Apartments, dormitories, and close, multiple-family homes can become easy targets.

Part of the Family

A large number of people moving around within the close quarters give the pests a vast amount of opportunities to spread. Bed bugs can easily transfer from one person’s clothing to various places around their entire household, just like they can move and multiply from one apartment to an entire building infestation.

Avoiding an Issue

Proper hygiene and trying to avoid contact may assist in avoiding contamination, but it’s a difficult problem to avoid once you’re within a close distance to the bugs. You may do your best to not shake the hand of someone living in an infected household, but even the carpet you stand on may be enough to spread the bugs without skin-to-skin touch.

Contacting an Expert

Always contact experts to deal with a bedbug infestation. Given the situation could spread so rapidly, it’s important to find and treat the issue as quickly as possible. Don’t attempt to deal with the problem with home remedies, as this may just prolong the time the pests have to spread.

Finding a Solution

Bed bugs won’t sit and wait for a solution, they’ll be spreading as quickly as they can manage. When dealing with a bed bug situation in a multiple-family home or apartment style building, it may be necessary to treat not only the section the bugs have been found in already, but other existing sections as well.

Count on Us

To avoid further contamination and solve the issue in areas where symptoms have yet to show up, count on Conquistador to deal with what’s bugging you and your family. Let us exterminate the problem before it spreads, with expert care and thorough work that will ensure the bed bugs come to an end before a serious situation arises.


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