Getting Rid of Mosquitoes for Good!

Mosquitoes: How to get rid of them!

Mosquitoes produce quickly, one female mosquito produces between 50 and 500 eggs. Female mosquitoes, scope out the best place to lay their eggs, which includes anything with sufficient moisture. It only takes a small amount of stagnate water for a female to lay her eggs. To reduce the mosquito population, you need to reduce the areas of stagnant water around the property, which can be very difficult!

About the Trap

The specialized mosquito trap Conquistador Pest Control uses is US-EPA registered. The trap lures and contaminates mosquitoes with special slow killing larvicide, which the mosquito spreads to other breeding sites. This means the mosquito larvae are not only killed inside the trap but also in the surrounding areas, it also kills the adult mosquito within a few days to prevent her from transmitting deadly viruses.

How does the Mosquito trap work?

The mosquito trap works by attracting mosquitoes with water that smells delicious to them. The female mosquito lands on a special gauze which contains larvicide, the larvicide attaches to the mosquito slowly killing it.


The mosquito will lay her eggs in the trap, after a few days the eggs will hatch and become larve. The smell of the larve will attract more mosquitoes who will lay their eggs in the trap as well. The chemicals in the water will kill the larve before they become grown adults.


The now contaminated mosquito will leave and lay more eggs, when she goes to another stagnant water site, the larvicide on her body is left to contaminate the new breading site. All mosquito eggs will be contaminated, in addition any previously laid eggs at that site will be killed as well. In this way, the trap kills the mosquitoes and their offspring so that populations are reduced and disease transmission risks are lowered significantly.



Click here to watch a video about the mosquito trap and how it can help you!


If you want to know how to rid your home and yard of potentially deadly mosquitoes, Conquistador Pest & Termite offers Free Inspections in Tucson, AZ. Consider including a professional mosquito trap with our Conquer All Program.

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