Facts about Scorpion Control for Property Managers


Scorpion Control Tips for Property Managers


Conquistador Pest & Termite provides scorpion control services for vacation homes and condos. As our snowbirds begin to close up their winter homes for the summer, it is easy to rationalize dropping the pest control service. But leaving their property unprotected for the summer when scorpion and pest infestations are at its worst, is not a cost saving idea. It is important for property managers to help educate their homeowners, who live up north, that they need constant pest and scorpion protection. Conquistador Pest & Termite strongly recommends an annual contract with monthly service because pest control for our hot months is too intense to be well-managed quarterly.



The warm summer weather is just peaking around the corner and scorpions are coming out from their winter’s hibernation. They are looking for food and water. Since scorpions are carnivorous, the population will increase when you see more insects, spiders, and lizards. Tucson had a very rainy winter and Conquistador is expecting an increase in the number of insects this summer.



  • Doors: Scorpions can squeeze through the gaps between your doors and the threshold. Bark scorpions can fit through openings as small as the width of a dime.
  • Windows: Windows provide easy access if they aren’t sealed or if the screen is damaged.
  • Roofs and Eaves: Scorpions are skilled climbers and can scale smooth walls and trees. Overhanging branches provide an easy climb for scorpions to get to the roof where they can enter the property through the eaves and vents.
  • Outdoor Storage: Using your patio or balcony as storage provide great hiding places for scorpions. Warn your homeowners to be alert when they bring those items indoors as they are preparing to leave for the summer.
  • Utility Lines: All outside openings into the home, like utility lines, exhaust fans, and dryer vents, need to be covered with a mesh screen, otherwise scorpions can enter the property.
  • Air Ducts: Air conditioning creates condensation and scorpions will run along the outside of the air ducts. If there are openings, scorpions can access the ducts and find their way in.



The first step in success scorpion management a thorough inspection of the property. Conquistador provides that free to you. During the inspection, we look for possible entry ways into the property and environmental factors that make the property desirable to scorpions.
To scorpion-proof the property, a quick spray around will not solve your scorpion infestation problem. Scorpions can be difficult to keep out. Conquistador provide two services; scorpion extermination and interior / exterior home scorpion sealing. The answer to a scorpion problem isn’t just killing off individual scorpions, but in sealing the property to discourage new scorpions from entering.

Conquistador Pest & Termites provides solution for Property Managers with:

  • Fast response to pest problems
  • Inspection and treatment
  • Follow up treatments



If you want to know if there are scorpions lurking in your managed property, Conquistador Pest & Termite offers Free Scorpion Inspections in Tucson, AZ. Consider including a scorpion control program with our Conquer All Program.


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